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Colorado Blue Spruce

 Colorado blue spruce, or blue spruce, is an attractive tree often used for Christmas trees. Needles are a bit sharp but the branches are quite strong and will hold larger (heavier) ornaments. 

Needle Retention:  Good

Concolor Fir

The Concolor Fir, also know as a White Fir, has been steadily gaining popularity as a Christmas tree in recent years.  Native to western United States, this conifer exhibits a blue-green color, with longer needles than most other Fir trees.  The needles remain on the tree long after cutting.  The needles have a fragrant scent, often described as citrus or orange-like.  

Needle retention: Excellent

Fraiser Fir

 Fraser fir is a uniformly pyramid-shaped tree. Leaves (needles) are flattened, dark-green The combination of form, needle retention, dark blue-green color, strong branches, and pleasant scent has led to Fraser fir being a most popular Christmas tree species.  

Needle retention:  Outstanding

Norway Spruce

 Norway Spruce is a large evergreen coniferous tree growing to 35-55 m tall and with a trunk diameter of up to 1-1.5 m. The shoots are orange-brown and glabrous (hairless). The leaves are needle-like, 12-24 mm long, quadrangular in cross-section (not flattened), and dark green on all four sides with inconspicuous stomatal lines. 

Needle retention:  Good   

Douglas Fir

The Douglas-fir has been the major Christmas tree species for many years. Native to western North America, the Douglas Fir is still very popular with good branch strength and pleasing form.
Needle retention: Outstanding

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